What Are Graduate Training Schemes?

You can definitely make your presence felt in the corporate industry by undertaking graduate training schemes. In these schemes, you can achieve career training, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills which will help you become a valued candidate for the company. These graduate schemes are of different timelines; some may last 6 months while others may last 4 months. There are many benefits of enrolling in a graduate training scheme, such as the possibility of a better increment in the company and career prospects.

At a company, the initial application process is very tedious to hire new recruits. Most of the leading companies in the world allow only a specific number of positions for which people can submit their applications in a program of graduate training scheme.

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The results from these schemes vary according to the performance of the graduates. The graduates who perform well are provided with the best position and participants who don’t finish their training without a job offer. In order to take the best out of the graduate schemes, research the companies properly and apply for the one that suits you the most.

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Once you find the companies where you would want to be trained, send an online application highlighting your strong points. With a large number of applicants, there are many organizations which use emails for follow up questions or where extra information is needed from the applicant. You may need to check your emails on a timely basis & respond to the emails when received.

Before graduation, students often apply for summer training in different companies. Some of the companies will pay an internship stipend and will help you gain a basic understanding of the type of work in the career that you are going to pursue. These internships also help in giving you an edge over others in the acceptance of your application in the graduate training schemes of the company.

There are many graduate training schemes which are designed to help in the development of the candidate by providing great opportunity to become a part of the corporate environment. These schemes help you in achieving a better status in the company and further the chances of gaining a permanent position.

What is Service Selection Board Interview

Numerous candidate has a dream of Joining Indian Defense Force. Defense service includes three wings like Army, Navy & Air force. To select in this field is necessary to qualify SSB interview .This interview has five days, each day different task is performed by the selected candidates. we have the real practice set for diverse psychological assessments like TAT, WAT, and SRT which you must practice in preference to just looking them. One thing I want to mention loud and clear that you must change yourself in case you need to get advocated in SSB in any other case No website (at the least now not this internet site), No book or any training Institute permit you to pass in SSB. With the subsequent lines said by way of an Officer at service selection Board, you could decide what they are seeking for in you. The Days procedure is given below.

• Psychological test,

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• Group Task,

• Personal Interview,

• Conference ,

• Screaming,

It is one in all the correct and popular region to gain yours objective with in the fields Defense .This academy is No.1 to provide SSB Interview coaching .Take a look at our coaching center to crack exam in one attempt. Delhi Career Group institute provide right and affordable prize education to all , & for best quality coaching for Best SSB Interview training in Chandigarh

Psychological Test:-

The Psychological test is performed by nicely-skilled civilians scientists from DRDO. There are four distinctive sorts take at particularly Thematic Apperception test, Word association test, Self Description test and Situation reaction test.

Group Task:-

In Group Test all activity performed in Group. This test conducts by the Senior officer of Defense Wings. They jointly called Group Testing Officers. Group task consists of 9 different types of task that is related to your social, Intelligence, Leadership quality so.on.

Personal Interview:-

The personal Interview all through the SSB interview is conducted by way of an officer having 15 to 20 years of the service in the course of the personal Interview, a number of basic questions associated with the candidate’s life are requested and the questions are primarily based on the statistics given in Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) which you may have already filled on the 1st day.


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The SSB Interview culminates with a convention, in which all of the officials who had been examining the candidate during the last 5 days could be taking a final name at the suitability of the candidate for the Navy /Army/Air force.


Many aspirants showing their interest in joining Defense force, It is not possible to judge all aspirants in five days . then aspirants are called for new that is the screening test. Three major categories come under this test.

Student Turns Caring Nature Into a Career- Personal Support Worker

When Manny Valencia first came to Canada, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for work. But on his second day in the country, sitting in a Service Canada office, he came to a realization. He wanted to study and expand his career possibilities. That’s when he looked up Evergreen College.
Manny decided to undertake the Personal Support Worker Certificate program. Back in his home in the Philippines, he had already been looking after for his bed-bound brother and 84-year old Aunty, so caring was in his nature. “I thought, why not relate my work to something I was doing in the Philippines. Now it is my passion.” he says.
Evergreen provided the stepping stone for Manny to pursue his passion. Manny credits small class sizes as well as a schedule that fit with his family life and part-time job to his success. Most of all however, Manny says the key to his learning was having instructors with real-world experience.
“One thing that really impresses me at Evergreen College is that the instructors are very knowledgeable and have a very wide range of experience. You cannot teach something to someone based on theory alone. It’s about putting theory into practice.”
The real-world experience of the instructors meant that Manny learnt not just one way to approach a situation, but many – a skill that serves him well in his current role.
He also received support from Evergreen College in other ways. Counsellors at Evergreen helped him get his resume in order, practice answering interview questions and offering tailored career postings. This was important for Manny because different countries can have very different styles and expectations when it comes to the job application process.
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After his classroom time was done, Manny went on placement to the facility where he now works, Kensington Gardens long-term care home in Toronto, Ontario. While there, he impressed staff members, with the Director of Care asking to see his resume after only a few short weeks.
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Manny works for Kensington Gardens assisting residents with their personal care, feeding and mobility. For Manny, his job truly is a labour of love. “I have to take the job very personally” he says, “you aren’t treating residents like they’re different. You’re treating them as your family.”
In one short year Manny has gone from coming to Canada without a plan, to getting a qualification, getting work experience and now securing a permanent part-time job. “Because of Evergreen I got a new job, I got new knowledge and I got experience. And a very wonderful experience.”
But Manny is not finished yet. He sees personal support work as a career and is now going to school during the day to get his Canadian equivalents and up-skill further, all while working part-time for Kensington Gardens in the evening and caring for his son. “I believe that life is a process of learning.” Manny says.

Unemployment What is Wrong With India’s Engineers

Countless graduating engineers want jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. still, only few have suitable skills to be employed in software or product market, and only 7 per cent can handle core engineering tasks.

According to the India’s ministry have around 6000 engineering and technology institutions which are enrolling 2.9 million students. Around 1.5 million engineers are released into the job market every year. But the dismal state of higher education in India ensures that they simply do not have adequate skills to be employed.

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60-65 percent of the workforce is just not trainable- A view echoed by Capgemini CEO.

The real basis is a large majority are engaged in jobs that are likely to be non-existent in the future. The old traditional physical jobs are likely to be replaced by automation and cloud computing that considerably reduces the size of the employees.


I assume it’s moment for us to face the reality. 90% of Engineering and MBA graduates that come out of our education organization lack fundamental communication and interpersonal skills. Which in-turn makes then entirely unemployable. The contributing factor being the quality of education provided in majority of these engineering colleges. The need for CHANGE is here. This is an issue which needs immediate attention.

Engineering organizations are generating so many graduates, but corporate’s often complained that they are not getting the skills and talents which are required for the entry level jobs.

Corporate today have to spend enormous amount of money and time in training the fresher graduates after employing them, not only on the technical front but also on something as basic as communication.

Following factors which contribute in making engineers – Unemployable:

Quality of the education: Outdated learning curriculum and old teaching techniques.

Theory v/s Practice: Our educational system focuses only on theoretical knowledge in spite of it should be more practical.

Exams: Indian education measures the learning on the basis of one final exam; instead it should start concentrating over assignments. Due to this stone-age methodology of evaluating knowledge, the students’ lay emphasis on only the exams and not on learning the subject.

Research: There is not much scope of research with our institutions.

Lack of exposure: Most institutes don’t provide internship opportunities. They should understand that an internship provides exposure to students, about the kind of work done in companies.

Professors: Majority of the professors don’t know how to teach, they are neither open-minded nor updated with the latest advancements. Moreover, in majority of our engineering colleges the lectures happen in local languages despite the curriculum being in English. I have personally witnessed the same. When the professors itself lack the basic communication and exposure required, how does one expect the students to be skilled?

More Supply – less demand: As more and more graduate fresher enter the job market, the supply and demand cycle is getting effected.

In addition to this, some drastic changes are required in our educational system. The government should work with priority on this matter, as it affects a lot of people’s life and indirectly affect the future of INDIA.

This is India; these things won’t change for decades so you guys have to work on it yourself. Stop waiting it be spoon fed and Start behaving like engineers.

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To all the unemployed fresher out there, i know how it feels to be unwanted but this is what will drive you to better opportunities.

Focus your time and energy only on learning because there is lot of opportunities waiting for the right candidate.

This means somebody who has upgraded their skills have a secured future and an edge over their peers. Business Analysis is already a buzz word. It is high time you consider building new abilities.